4/19/20 – A Church With The Right Stuff

I pray this communication finds you healthy safe and blessed!

In the movie, the right stuff, The first seven Mercury astronauts: is a story about the prepackaged, unblemished saints we knew through the media to find imperfect human beings who were actually even more heroic. The astronauts are heroes, no doubt about it. As space pioneer Chuck Yeager bitterly points out, these men all knew the risks they were taking as they rode their primitive capsules into space.

They knew they were powered by rockets that could explode them into the tiniest of atoms. There were the fierce fires of re-entry that could reduce them to cinders, as well as the possibility of no re-entry, leaving them to perish miserably in their orbits. Yet these men eagerly took those risks. They were made of the right stuff.

Our passage for this week is taken from 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10. The historical setting is taken from Acts 17:1-9. Like the mercury seven, Peter, Silas, and Timothy took a risk by sharing the gospel in Thessalonika.

They were persecuted for doing so. As a result of sharing the gospel, a church was birthed. Paul writes back to check on them and is told they are well amidst persecution and trial. Essentially he commends them on many aspects of their walk with Christ. THEY ARE A CHURCH WITH THE RIGHT STUFF. 

Join us this week via live stream to hear more about A CHURCH WITH THE RIGHT STUFF. 

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