5/3/20 – No Job, No Friends, No Hope … Now What?


An article in a Christian publication inspired my title.  She spoke how the loss of jobs, friends and faith corrode the soul.

God created us for work (see Genesis 2:15). He also created us for relationships.  I think Genesis 2:18 speaks not just to marriage, but also other relationships.  And finally, he gave them hope in the form of a child (Genesis 3:15).

Work, relationships and hope are in our DNA.  Zoom is not!

The Stay at Home orders have taken not these things away from us.  (As Dennis Prager pointed out this week, the virus did not take anything from us, the Safe at Home order did.)

For the first two weeks, it was bearable.  Four weeks became unpleasantly endurable.  Now for so many it is intolerable.  When will it be back to normal, we ask?  This uncertainty, and the loss of the above three essentials, teeters our souls.

There is no manual for navigating this malady we are told.  But that is not true.  It is found in an ancient  book.  A book telling us things are not as they seem.  There is more going on than we realize.  And it all begins in the Unseen Realm.  And it is recorded in the book of Job.

While I cannot produce a vaccination for the Covid-19 virus.  I can show you how a man who not only lost his job, and friends, but his servants, his livestock, his health and his ten children, all in one day.  And he made it through the ruin to restoration.

Even not having not read his own book.  What, Job never read Job?  Yes.  He never knew why he was so afflicted. J. Sidlow Baxter puts it this way, “The fact is, Job was not meant to know the explanation of his trial; and on this everything hangs.  If Job had known there would have been no place for faith; and the man would never have come forth as gold purified in the fire. We are meant to understand that there are some things which God cannot reveal to us at present, in as much as the very revealing of them would thwart his purposes for our good.  The Scriptures are wise in their reservations as they are in their revelations.  Enough is revealed to make faith intelligent.  Enough is reserved to give faith scope for development.

Join us online this Sunday to see what God revealed to keep you from ruin and make you reign.

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