5/10/20 – Masterpieces of Motherhood

Perhaps you heard the saying “Not all who wander are lost.”  That is not the whole quote.  The full quote is, Not all who wander are lost.  Some are just moms in Target hiding from their kids.

Let me be the first to wish you mothers, Happy Mother’s Day.  I am of the conviction the greatest, most important, hardest and thankless job is Motherhood.  So once again HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY LADIES!!!

This Sunday, my sermon’s focus is three unique mother’s in the Bible:  Eve, Sarah and Mary the mother of Jesus.  Eve shows us how to OVERCOME PAIN THROUGH A PURPOSE; Sarah shows us how to OVERCOME FEAR WITH FAITHULNESS; and Mary the POWER OF A PROMISE.

Normally this Sunday we treat all our Mother’s to Duffy’s cinnamon rolls.  But due to the Governor’s and Tri-County’s orders we cannot.  So we need your help this Sunday, dads and kids.  Let me suggest letting Mom sleep in until 9:00AM.  While she is sleeping QUIETLY brew her hot  coffee, squeeze her fresh orange juice, prepare eggs and bacon the way she likes them with a side of toast, then take them to her on a tray with flowers and a Mother’s Day Card.

After she eats (AND YOU ALL CLEAN UP) brew up some more coffee and gather together around the TV and stream our service worshiping together as a family.

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