5/17/20 – No Gym, No Church: What’s A Body To Do?

For the past two months both Gyms and Churches have been closed to members.  Hence, the question, “What’s a body to do?”

People go to the gym.  People go to a church.  You go to the Gym primarily for physical reasons.  You go to church primarily for spiritual reasons.  Most people go to the gym 3-4 times a week.  Most people (who go to church) go about two times a month.  One could therefore, deduce, physical health is much more important than spiritual health.

Is there something wrong here?  No matter how often you work out your body, you are fighting a loosing battle.  Your body is wearing out daily.

On the other hand your Spirit, should have a different trajectory. It should be growing daily.  But in order for this to happen you must go to church.  Yes, believe it or not, church is vital to spiritual growth.  Can anyone argue physical fitness is preferable to spiritual fitness?

These past two months, our governor has ordered us not to go to church.  He suggested drive-in church or online streaming.  While I am most grateful to Peter, who all by himself, has done a marvelous job with limited resources streaming us each Sunday, I believe online church is an oxymoron.

“Ekklesia” is the Greek word for church in the New Testament.  It means “to call out.” It’s use is not solely biblical.  Greek cities would have an “ekklesia.”  They would meet 30-40 times a year to rule on civil issues.  The assembly opened with prayers and sacrifices to the gods of the city. It was bound by the existing laws. Every citizen had the right to speak and to propose matters for discussion, but a proposition could be dealt with only if there was an expert opinion on the matter being discussed.  Their domain was political and civil.

Jesus used the same word “ekklesia” in Matthew 16:18.  He predicted He would build an “ekklesia,” a Church.  This was a new kind of church.  It was to be His church, made up of those called out to assemble together with Him.  This is why online church is an oxymoron.  Believers need to be with believers.  We are called first out of death to life.  And weekly called, out of our homes to meet together.

In order to work out your body, most people go to the gym.  If you want to play golf, you must go to a golf course.  If you want to grow as a Christian you must go to church.

I can only speak for myself but my soul has not been the better by not being together with you, my spiritual family.  (I have heard from many of you expressing the same thing.)

Having not been able to go to church, I hope we have discovered just how important church is.  And that will be the subject of my message this Sunday.  The church is important to God the Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit.  Should it not be important to us?  Should we not faithfully assemble together each Sunday? Of course we should.

This is coming soon! 

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