6/21/20 – Joseph, A Dad In Dilemma

First let me say Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers of Crosspoint Community Church. 

If there is one thing as dads you and I have to deal with, it is dilemmas.  I don’t know about you, but I have had to deal with many. Each of them brought on a certain level of fear, but I also knew God was with me. In this day and age, as fathers we are facing dilemmas that we have not faced before.

In our text, Joseph had to deal with a dilemma regarding his soon to be wife. He had never dealt with this situation before. For many of us as fathers we are having many firsts…our first child, dealing with our first teenager, A first wedding with your son or daughter…some you have had your first loss of a child.

however, with all these firsts…God is with us. We don’t have to fear any dilemma we face. As fathers we need divine guidance and we need to follow God’s word. As a result, we can experience the blessing of God especially when we realize its not about us, but its about the privilege God has given us to be called dad.

To hear more about JOSEPH…A DAD IN DILEMMA come out this Sunday!

Happy Father’s Day!!!

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