6/28/20 – Henny Penny Christianity

Henny Penny is an English folktale about a chicken thinking the sky is falling.  Henny Penny Christians look around them, especially in 2020 and think as if the sky is falling.

I understand this, believe me I do.  I would say 2021 cannot get here fast enough, but what if it is worse?  It for this reason my message this Sunday is from Psalm 11.

David was in a perilous place in this palace. His advisors told him to get out of Dodge (Jerusalem) immediately. Although we cannot know for certain, this most likely fits when Absalom his son was seeking to overthrow him.

They tell him to “flee like a bird to the mountains.”

But he reminds them he has already fled to God for refuge.  Figuratively the expression means to place confidence in or rely on someone.  Apart from two exceptions, God is the object or the place of refuge.  Sometimes the worst place leads to the best place.

This is what David did.  In verses 4-7 you see what God will do.

But first notice the two places God resides.  What is the significance of this?  How does this relate to a refuge?

Now notice the following contrasts:  between the righteous and the wicked; between love and hate; between what the wicked sup and what he uptight see.

If you are, like most people disturbed, distressed, and downcast during our tumultuous times, then you need a little Psalm 11.  The Sky may be falling but HE IS REIGNING!

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