7/26/20 – Growing Pains

As parents we want the best for our children. We do our best to ensure they have all they need to be successful. We provide them with clothing, food, educational resources, and entertainment. However, as they are growing up there will be times when as a parent nothing you give them will help because all children will experience some growing pains.

As a dad your daughter’s first heartbreak will cause you pain, but for her its a part of life that  you cannot totally shield her from. She will go through relational growing pains.

Moms, when your child was developing in your wound, as it grew it caused you pain. We have all experienced growing pains in our lives. Growing pains come in many forms. They ccan be emotional or physical, but what about spiritual growing pains? As believers, we experience them and so does the body of Christ. Join me this Sunday in person or via live stream to hear more about Growing Pains. 

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