8/2/20 – Standing Firm

As a chaplain of a team that experienced great success for a few years, It was a common practice for veteran players to meet rookies  arriving for their first day of practice. They laid down some team standards, places to avoid and expectations to heed.

Then came a season when the make-up of the team changed. It was the rowdy leaders who met the rookies and led the charge to those places they used to avoid. The win/loss record took a dive.

One day in the following off-season, I had lunch with one of the veterans on the team. I asked what he thought happened to their season. Without hesitation he replied, “You can win games without character, but if you begin to fail, you can’t stop the collapse without character.”

When Paul wrote to the Thessalonians,  he was concerned that they may waver under immense pressure. Paul himself, had been thrown into jail for his outspoken preaching about Jesus, kicked out of Thessalonica and chased into Berea. 

Paul was thankful to hear from Timothy that the believers at Thessalonica were standing firm despite the opposition. 

When difficult circumstances persist in our lives, it is tempting to throw in the towel. Satan begins to plant thoughts in our minds, causing us to wonder if the effort to walk with God is worth it. We begin to question His character, concern and even His help. We are vulnerable to outside voices.

Tough times are a call to stand firm. To hear more about STANDING FIRM join us this Sunday in person or via live-stream! We cannot wait to see you! 

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