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Children’s Ministry

Crosspoint’s Children Ministry is a very important part of our church. Crosspoint is dedicated to working with families to help nurture children in ways that will help them worship God, learn about Him, and grow spiritually. Youth are encouraged to join us during Sunday service at 10:00am.

PreK-2nd & 3rd-6th Grade

Crosspoint offers the Gospel Project to kids ages Pre-K through sixth grade on Sunday mornings. The Gospel Project is a three-year chronological teaching plan that shows how Christ fits into the entire gospel story from pre-creation to eternity. While teaching the chronological timeline of Bible events, the Gospel Project presents the redemption story of Jesus like kids have never seen it before! Each week, these stories come to life through video, music, activities, and more.

The Gospel Project for Kids at Crosspoint has kids participate in large and small group activities. Large group activities will include all age groups and small group activities will be separated by age group – Pre-K-2nd grade and 3rd – 6th grade.

For More Information: Gospel Project Website


7th – 12th Grade

Bible Studies for Life helps to connect students in the group and strengthen families through encouraging spiritual conversations between students and parents. This study develops students based on a discipleship framework that helps them know Christ, become contributing servants in their community of faith, and engage in their culture. 

For More InformationBible Studies for Life Website


Student Ministry

Crosspoint Youth Group meets weekly throughout the year for Bible studies and also has many scheduled events throughout the year. Crosspoint is committed to providing valuable experiences to students to worship God and to grow spiritually. Through Bible studies, worship, and youth events participants of Crosspoint youth group can become better equipped to impact the world for Christ.


Faith, Reason, and Christianity (F.R.A.C.)

If you are tired of being told what to believe, or are not sure where to begin, F.R.A.C is for you. Join a young adult community exploring life and God issues.

Discussion Topics:

  • How can you be sure there really is a God?
  • Does God intervene in our lives or are we on our own?
  • If the Bible is full of errors and myths, how can you believe it?
  • Isn’t religion just a psychological crutch for weak people?
  • If God is good, why do evil and suffering exist?
  • Isn’t it narrow minded to claim there is only one way to heaven?
  • What about people who have never heard of Christianity, will they be condemned?
  • Would God reject people who have lived basically good lives?
  • Can anyone be sure about the afterlife?

Children’s Ministry Coordinators

Joel & Hope Ebel

Gospel Project Video

Bible Studies for Life Video