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A 33 Day Fall devotional series

Confusion over the distinctions between salvation and discipleship is doing serious harm in many lives today. People who have a hard time being sure of their salvation usually are having trouble because of teaching they have heard. Some otherwise sound teachers mix up the requirements of discipleship with the requirement for salvation, and are teaching false doctrine.

The requirement for salvation is simple faith. The requirements for discipleship include self-denial, surrender to Christ, and serving in obedience.

This Bible study is incredibly important. If you want to understand the Bible better, join us for the 33 part series. You will learn to distinguish between passages that focus on salvation from passages that focus on discipleship.

It is very important to understand the difference between believing on Christ for salvation and following Him in discipleship. Believers will fail to live a holy life unless they understand discipleship, and they will lack assurance of their salvation if they confuse salvation with discipleship.

Kicking Off Monday 9/11


  1. Christ’s invitation to salvation is, “Come unto me” (Matthew 11:28); His call to discipleship is, “Come after Me” (Matthew 16:24).
  2. Salvation is about the Cross of Christ (Matthew 16:21); discipleship is about your own cross (Matthew 16:22-24).
  3. At salvation, you receive a gift, eternal life (John 4:10 and Romans 6:23); in discipleship, you give a gift, your body (Romans 12:1).
  4. The salvation decision (putting faith in Christ for eternal life) must be made only once (John 5:24, 6:37-40, 10:27-28); the discipleship decision (commitment to obey Christ) must be made again and again (Luke 9:23).
  5. Salvation is a sure thing (Romans 8:1, 8-11, 28-30, 33-39); discipleship is always in danger of failing (Luke 14:25-35).
  6. Salvation is about grace (Ephesians 2:5-9); discipleship is about works (Revelation 22:12).
  7. Eternal life is the result of salvation in Christ (John 3:16); eternal rewards are the result of successful discipleship (Matthew 16:27).

Salvation (eternal life in Christ) and discipleship (dedication to Christ) are simply not the same.